We don't currently have any part-time or full-time positions available, but keep checking back here for future opportunities.

For casual and contract positions, please refer to program facilitators and welfare champions.
Program facilitators

Program facilitators are casually employed by OTLR to deliver our mental health education sessions for community sporting clubs and schools across Australia. We currently employ 48 facilitators across NSW, QLD, VIC and WA.

Our facilitators are fully trained by OTLR to present on topics such as:

– Mental health
– Cyberbullying
– Drugs and alcohol
– Gambling
– Inclusion and respect
– Leadership and culture

As the public face of OTLR, it’s crucial that program facilitators uphold our values.

Welfare champions

Welfare champions are registered mental health professionals* contracted by OTLR to support the education sessions we deliver to community sporting clubs and schools across Australia.

While the majority of the session content is delivered by our program facilitators, the role of the welfare champion is to:

– Give their professional opinion on session content
– Break down barriers to seeking professional help, by being present and relatable in the room
– Provide immediate support to anyone who may require it

As the public face of OTLR, it’s crucial that welfare champions uphold our values.

*Qualified counsellors, psychologists, social workers, mental health nurses, mental health occupational therapists, or other registered mental health professionals.


We are currently planning our volunteer program.
Please check back here soon for how you can be involved.