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Outside the Locker Room provides mental health education and welfare support to sporting clubs and schools across Australia.

We work hard to improve individual and collective wellbeing.

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Why mental health? Looking at the stats...


Suicide is currently the
leading cause of death
for young Australians.


1 in 5 Australians
will develop a
mental illness.


75% of mental
illnesses emerge
before the age of 25.

... it’s clear we need to support each other from early in life.

Why sporting clubs?


Over 70% of young
Australians participate in
sport. 80% participate
through a club.


Sporting clubs can be 3x
more useful for developing
social networks than school,
uni or work.


Sporting clubs have a
social reach of 10 people
for every 1 player.

We can reach a lot of young Australians, through a community with an even bigger reach.

Why us? Because we stick around.

When your club signs up for our program, we make a 12 month commitment to you. Over that year you receive:


2 mental health education sessions


Delivered by a trained program facilitator and a registered mental health professional


Direct access to our welfare team, including via
our mobile app

And it’s not just sport. We’ve tailored our program for schools and workplaces, so that they can join the club too.

We’ve got your back. In and outside the locker room.

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