OTLR'S Changing The Game Speaker Team are trained lived experience professional speakers, bringing elite level insights and learnings to engaged communities. Comprised of speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, our Changing The Game Speaker Team are able to tailor their key note engagements to suit your desired goals and outcomes. 

Speakers provide an interactive, no nonsense experience, with journeys that range from mental health and wellbeing, professional sport, to leadership, inclusion, culture, resilience and motivation. Their expertise will provide your audience with mental based skills to improve and maintain positive wellbeing, community culture, improved resilience and a sense of belonging.

All speaking opportunities are negotiable and tailored to suit pricing, outcomes and time provided. Now is your opportunity to provide your community with a speaker that will truly change the game for mental health.



Ellie Hampson is a current Brisbane Lions AFLW player who has been a part of OTLR since early 2023. She moved from Townsville to the Gold Coast in 2019 to begin her AFLW career at the Gold Coast Suns before recently trading to Brisbane, during her still young career she has had many injury challenges and that have led to extraordinary learnings. She is available for motivational talks in relation to her athletic career, her mental healths journey and also just loves a good chat.

Ellie is passionate about sharing her own story and inspiring others to find the strength that lies within themselves. She believes sport is just a pathway to start the conversation and wants to help encourage the importance of conversing. She is determined and confident in her sporting career and is open to talking about the setbacks that she has faced as well as her mental health journey.

Ellie wants to encourage everyone to find joy in life through being present and supporting each other to see the best in people with little judgment.

She uses her public speaking skills and experience to assist in creating an accepting and positive environment for sporting communities, businesses and schools across Australia.


Tim has always been involved in sport, but not always as a player. Having gone through injuries which had sidelined him for extended periods of time, Tim discovered the importance that simply being involved in a community sporting club can play on both your mental and physical health.

Having experienced his own challenges being diagnosed with depression, anxiety and OCD, Tim is open to share what he has learnt throughout his journey and the challenges faced of staying connected. 

After working as an accountant for 13 years, Tim decided to make a career change that aligned with his passion of educating others on how to start a conversation if they are going through a challenge, and what support services are out there. 
Sport continues to play a big part in Tim's life, volunteering at his local football club. 


Kyle McHardy is highly experienced in the world of community and elite sports, with a remarkable 31-year journey that spans roles as a player, coach, director, and manager, across a multitude of sporting codes and communities.
With an unwavering passion for mental health and a lifelong commitment to its education, Kyle brings a unique blend of sports expertise and mental wellness advocacy to every platform.
He has a rich history of igniting positive change within teams, harnessing the power of leadership and culture-building sessions to propel them to new heights. Whether on the field or in the locker or boardroom, his leadership acumen is second to none.
A captivating public speaker and a seasoned events MC, Kyle has a natural ability to connect with audiences, leaving a lasting impact with their insightful and inspiring talks.
If you're seeking an engaging and knowledgeable guest speaker who can seamlessly blend sports, leadership, mental health, and motivational insights, look no further. Book them now to elevate your event and inspire your audience.


Jake has been involved with OTLR over the last 3 years. Jake is a registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association and uses his professional mental health background within sporting clubs, schools and businesses to support, educate and encourage positive well-being.
Sport has been a huge part of his life and working with OTLR has provided the opportunity to combine both his passion and profession. Going out into the community to help start the conversation around mental health, build upon connection and continue to raise mental health awareness to support positive well-being on and off the field.
Jake encourages everyone to start the conversation with a mate, colleague or team mate, It doesn't take much to make a positive impact on someones well-being. One simple conversation or act of kindness can really make a difference and save a life.


Todd has been involved in the mental health industry for 7 years, starting his journey after losing mates to suicide.
With sport always being a big part of his life, as well as his friends lives, he wanted to bring together his passion for sport and his determination to raise awareness for mental wellbeing and suicide prevention.
Having been involved with OTLR for 5 years, Todd uses his experiences to connect communities through conversation, working with sporting communities, businesses and schools across Australia and internationally.
Todd's message of continuing to do what makes you happy and finding fun in everything that you do, encourages communities and its members to enjoy life, support each other to overcome challenges together and to celebrate the little things.