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Mental health and wellbeing


When I was 12 years old and in Grade 6 at primary school, my mum and my two younger siblings moved from Fitzroy to Clayton. Mum had obtained emergency housing after one too many domestic violence incidents with my stepdad. A friend...

COVID-19 and its many faces


I know returning to sport is vital, turning up to game day and being a team player… however when I’m crippled with anxiety it’s not the same. For the past 5 years I have struggled with postnatal depression and anxiety after a rapid...

Coping with redundancy


Jobs and careers are an important aspect of life. Not only as a source of income, but they are also a means by which many of us define ourselves. “I’m a fireman/teacher/sportsperson/doctor etc”. It’s also one of the first questions we...

An athlete in isolation


It is true, there is no sport. There are no training nights, there is no game day. There is no waking up on game day with the excitement and nervousness that comes with sport. There is no seeing your teammates, there is no banter,...

7 question challenge


My belief is that we understand ourselves a little bit better whenever there's an obstacle thrown in front of us. It might be a sporting injury, a relationship loss or another unexpected event you did not invite into your life. Did...

Ways to stay grounded


With big change, comes uncertainty. With uncertainty comes fear. With fear comes a desire to take control of our environment and do everything we can to think ahead, plan and know the facts. However, this head-based fight-flight-freeze...

A message from our National Welfare Manager


This is certainly a challenging time for a lot of people. It may bring up feelings of anxiety, distress, isolation and disconnection. People are experiencing severe hardship with the loss of jobs, businesses, livelihoods and the concern ...

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