EFNL and Outside the Locker Room Join Forces to Promote Mental Health

The Eastern Football Netball League (EFNL) is pleased to announce a partnership with Outside the Locker Room (OTLR), an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering mental well-being and resilience in the sporting community.

In a collective effort to address the mental health needs of our members EFNL and OTLR have established a collaborative partnership that will extend support, resources, and awareness about mental health within the EFNL community.

This partnership represents another significant step in prioritizing the mental health of our members, and recognizing the unique challenges and pressures faced both on and off the field. Together, EFNL and OTLR will provide a range of initiatives and resources aimed at promoting mental well-being and resilience.

  1. Mental Health Workshops: OTLR’s experienced team of mental health professionals will conduct workshops and seminars for our EFNL junior clubs.
  1. Online Resources: EFNL members will have access to a wealth of resources, articles, and tools to support their mental health journey.
  1. Support Services: EFNL members will have access to OTLR’s welfare resources, partnered counselling and postvention support services and direct access to support phone lines through OTLRs welfare app.

Eastern Football Netball League Chief Executive Officer Jy Bond is thrilled with the league’s partnership opportunity with the organisation.

“We are excited to partner with Outside the Locker Room to prioritise the mental health and well-being of our members and their support networks,” Bond said.

“This partnership reflects our commitment to not only excelling on the field but also ensuring that our community members have the resources and support they need to thrive off the field.”

Tim Cook, National Program Manager of Outside the Locker Room, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership.

“Mental health is a vital aspect of the sporting experience, and we are delighted to work with the Eastern Football Netball League to make a meaningful impact,” Cook said.

“Our shared mission is to create a healthier, more resilient sporting community.”

EFNL and OTLR believe that this partnership will lead to a stronger, more mentally resilient sporting community. By working together, they aim to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues and provide invaluable support to those who need it most.

For more information about the partnership and the services provided by EFNL and Outside the Locker Room, please visit OTLR’s website and EFNL’s website.

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