More than just a game

Sporting clubs

When your club signs up to our program, we provide 2 mental health sessions.

To launch the program, we’ll come to your club to deliver our first education session, ‘Mental Health’.

This session covers signs and symptoms of mental ill-health, how to start the conversation and how to support someone going through a mental health challenge.

During this session, your community will also be introduced to OTLRs welfare app, containing resources and links to welfare support.

Each of our education sessions run for 60 minutes.


Later, we’ll return to your club to deliver a second session of your choice:

– Cyberbullying
– Drugs and Alcohol
– Gambling
– Inclusion and Respect
– Leadership and Culture

Stigma stops here


When your school signs up to our program, we provide two mental health education sessions.

To launch the program we come to your school to delliver the first education session, 'Youth Mental Health'.

This session focuses on reducing the stigma surrounding mental ill-health, including:

- How to identify possible signs of mental ill-health

- When and how to support yourself or someone else

This session also covers coping mechanisms including strategies to deal with adversity.

Later we will return to your school to deliver a second education session 'Cyberbullying'.

This session focuses on the bystander, rather than the "bully" or the "bullied". We aim to build skills like empathy, asking:

- What power do you have over the bystander?

- How can you respond?

- Why do bullies bully?

Each of our education session run for 60 minutes.

Connecting communities through conversation



Our employee wellbeing program with a customised approach to mental health and wellbeing education as well as welfare support referrals is suitable for any workplace. 

Focusing on how to identify, approach and support someone going through a mental health challenge, as well as practical skills for maintaining positive mental wellbeing.

We are now taking expressions of interest for our developed workplace program. Packages include both online and/or face-to-face delivery options.