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When your club begins the OTLR program, provided are 2 mental skills sessions.

Launching the program is OTLRs ‘Mental Health’ session.

'Mental Health' covers signs and symptoms of mental ill-health, how to start the conversation and how to support someone going through a mental health challenge.

Your community will also be introduced to OTLRs welfare app, containing vital resources as well as being introduced to OTLRs welfare support, provided by Redefine Life Counselling Support.

This support is available to be accessed by all members of your community when assistance is needed.

The second session is chosen by your club from the following:

  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Wellbeing and Lifestyle
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Inclusion and Respect
  • Resilience
  • Cyberbullying

Each education session runs for 60 minutes.

Stigma stops here


When your school begins the OTLR program, provided are 2 mental skills sessions.

Launching the program is OTLRs ‘Youth Mental Health’ session.

'Youth Mental Health' covers signs and symptoms of a difficult time, when to seek professional help, coping mechanisms to overcome a difficult time and direct support systems.

Students will be educated on how to best communicate to each other as well as to parents, guardians and teachers in regards to their current feelings and challenges faced.

The second session is chosen by the school from the following:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Resilience

These sessions are designed to increase conversations, reduce the stigma for seeking help as well as providing a safe environment for vulnerability.

Each education session runs for 60 minutes.

Connecting communities through conversation



Our employee wellbeing program with a customised approach to mental health and wellbeing education as well as welfare support referrals is suitable for any workplace. 

Focusing on how to identify, approach and support someone going through a mental health challenge, as well as practical skills for maintaining positive mental wellbeing.

We are now taking expressions of interest for our developed workplace program. Packages include both online and/or face-to-face delivery options.



Outside the Locker Room Charity LTD partnered with La Trobe University Victoria to evaluation the OTLR education and welfare support program for mental health literacy and social impact.

OTLRs mission is to deliver welfare and education programs that build both collective and individual mental health and wellbeing within communities. The evaluation with La Trobe University shows that we are living our mission effectively in the community.

It is with great pleasure to provide the completed evaluation with the community to show the positive impact OTLR programs have on sporting club, school and workplace communities across Australia.

Follow the link below to download the full evaluation.


What is OTLR?

OTLR is a not for profit charity that provides mental health education sessions and welfare support to sporting clubs and high schools. We have a wide range of topics, Mental Health, Cyberbullying & Social Media, Resilience, Leadership & Culture, Wellbeing & Lifestyle, Drugs & Alcohol, Gambling, Inclusion & Respect, which we touch on how to identify, approach and support yourself or someone you know on these social issues.

What is OTLR aim or objective?

We endeavour to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and to provide insight and education on how to identify signs and symptoms associated with mental health issues. We aim to connect communities through conversation, between individuals and between their community members to help improve overall mental health and reduce the number of suicide across the country.

How can I book a session for my community?

You can book your sessions for your sporting club, school or workplace through our Expression of interest forms (EOI). Here you can select which sessions you are interested in with the dates and times that suit. Our state Program Managers will be in contact to confirm these details.

Can I run multiple programs in my community? 

Multiple programs can be completed in your community. It is encouraged to split the programs via age groups, splitting either through Juniors and Seniors in sporting communities or Year levels in schools.

Can I download the OTLR App for free?

The OTLR app is free to download for all community members and participants.

Is my data secure?

All data collected through the OTLR app is confidential and stored securely. Any data used for evaluation, program improvement, social improvement or awareness is deidentified.

How many participants are recommended for each session?

OTLR sessions can be up to 100 participants maximum. Smaller group numbers however can lead to more in-depth discussions on the topics during the session. There is no minimum number needed for a session.

What is Redefine Life Counselling?

Redefine Life is our low cost counselling partner who provides welfare support for our OTLR communities. You can access Redefine Life low cost counselling services through our OTLR app. 

Who can attend the sessions?

Everyone is welcome to the OTLR sessions and is encouraged to have a mix from your community. This can be players, coaches, committee members, volunteers, managers, employees, teachers, students or parents.

The OTLR program is suitable for ages 13 and above.

What is the youngest age you deliver to?

13 years old is the minimum age we present to. We deliver to high schools (years 7 - 12) as well as junior sporting clubs that meet the age requirements. 

When is the best time to run a session?

After or instead of a sporting training session (Sporting Club), during work hours (Workplaces) or during school hours (Schools).

When is the best time to run the second session?

It is encouraged to complete the second session 4-6 weeks after the initial session. This allows time for the information from the first session to be understood, trust to be built with the Facilitator and Welfare Champion as well as providing flexibility to community schedules.

Can I have different age groups in a session?

Yes, our sessions have been designed to be delivered to all age groups. We do have sessions we recommend for younger participants (Youth Mental Health, Cyber Bullying and Resilience). Your OTLR State Manager can assist you in choosing the best topic for your demographic.

How long do the sessions go for?

Our sessions run from 60 minutes - 90 minutes, depending on the conversation in the room. The more active participation we get, the longer the session will run. However, all of our school sessions run for 50 minutes. 

I have too many participants, how should I split them up?

If you need to split your participants into smaller groups, it is recommended to split groups by age or playing group (eg. senior players and junior players). Alternatively you can also split sessions into individual teams. For example, ‘senior women’’ and ‘senior men’.

How much does the OTLR program cost?

Depending on which state you are in, please reach out to your State Manager to discuss program costs.

Our community has run the program, now what? 

Once the program has been completed, your community is provided with a Bimonthly Newsletter as well as resources that can be displayed around the community. OTLR then plays a behind the scenes role supporting your community, with on-going contact with your community representative, as well as referral connections for postvention support if needed.

OTLR encourages the community to use the knowledge learnt through the program to start conversations, provide support and continue social connection.

All members have access to the OTLR app, welfare support through Redefine Life Counselling and resources through the app and OTLR website.

When can we book the program for the following year?

It is encouraged to book dates for the following year post program completion. Booking the program secures your ideal dates for the following season and secures your communities mental wellbeing. Your State Manager will reach out closer to the date to finalise your session details. 

How can I get involved with OTLR?

If you are interested in becoming a Facilitator or a Welfare Champion and being involved in delivering our program please head to the Join Our Team page on

Who is a Facilitator?

Facilitators are lived experienced individuals who share their stories to humanise and reduce the stigma associated with mental health. Facilitators are extensively trained and are Mental Health First Aid Accredited.

Who is a Welfare Champion?

A Welfare Champion is a mental health professional, such as a registered counsellor or psychologist, youth worker, social worker or mental health nurse who provides extra support and professional insight to OTLR sessions. 

Can we choose our Facilitator and Welfare Champion?

Facilitators and Welfare Champions are local individuals who conduct the OTLR program. Using local individuals brings understanding of the area in which your community is involved. Discussions around who the Facilitator and Welfare Champion is for your session can be had, however your State Manager is trained to allocate the OTLR team best suited to your community/group.