South Gippsland Umpires Association partners with OTLR

Outside the Locker Room (OTLR) are extremely excited to be partnering up with South Gippsland Umpiring Association (SGUA) heading into 2023 and beyond to help Change the Game for Mental Health in sport. 

This partnership will see a positive impact on umpires and other support staff within the organisation. This will be achieved by providing education on mental-ill health and vital resources to support themselves and others going through a mental health challenge.  

“The SGUA have been great supporters of OTLR, umpiring annual charity matches, and for the future and it’s a really great opportunity to be able to give something back to them in the way of education and support. I think we can all agree that umpiring is one of the hardest jobs, and without umpires we wouldn’t be able to play the games or sports that we love. That is why it is so important we educate the umpires to give the skills to support one another and themselves, to create a great environment that they want to be in for as long as possible.”, said Tim Cook, OTLR National Program Manager. 

“We are so excited to be partnering both on and off field with such an amazing organisation at OTLR!

Mental health is something very close to the hearts of many umpires.

Given the rigours of umpiring, having a partnership with OTLR will be greatly beneficial for our group.”, said Josh Chenoweth, South Gippsland Umpiring Association. For more information on Outside The Locker Room, or to book a program, please contact National Program Manager Tim Cook on

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