Outside the Locker Room joins with the AFL and Movember Ahead of the Game

OTLR is pleased to join with the AFL as a delivery partner for Movember Ahead of the Game (AOTG) – a mental health literacy and resilience program for young  people that will commence in community football clubs next month.  

The AOTG program will be the largest roll out of a mental fitness program in sport globally and aims to  educate young players and umpires (aged 12-18 years) and their support networks of parents, coaches,  and club volunteers on the importance of mental health. Giving them tools to deal with life’s challenges,  and the confidence to support their mates through tough times, whilst also empowering them to look  after their own mental wellbeing. 

OTLR will join 15 other community organisations from across the country  to facilitate AOTG’s interactive workshops to teams of young players and umpires in community football club change rooms, before, after or during training. 

The program also extends to workshops for parents, coaches and club volunteers, providing  opportunities to educate whole football club communities on recognising mental health challenges,  identifying when to get help, and building resilience to deal with challenges in sport and life. 

AFL Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Dr Kate Hall said it was great to welcome a host of delivery  partners to the program. 

“The AFL is thrilled to partner with Movember and work with our delivery partners to facilitate the  Ahead of the Game program to hundreds of communities this year,” Dr Hall said.  

“We know that grassroots football clubs around Australia provide a place for connection and belonging  for young people. The AFL and Movember believe footy is a way for young Australians to learn crucial  mental skills that build resilience in football and life. These skills include appreciating your team and  helping out a mate”. 

“We want to harness the power of our great game to help players, coaches, parents and volunteers to  understand mental health, build mental fitness and strengthen resilience across the country so that we  can build communities that are mentally fit and capable to handle any challenge that comes their way.” 

With most common mental health conditions occurring in adolescence to mid-20s, Movember APAC  Country Director, Rachel Carr said giving young people the tools to better understand mental health and  mental fitness has never been more important.  

“We know that 75% of all mental health conditions onset before the age of 25 years old, making these  critical early intervention years. If we can connect with young people before this point and help improve their mental health literacy and resilience, we could slow the onset and burden of mental ill health for  future generations,” Carr said.  

“OTLR is excited to be joining the AFL, Movember and the other delivery partners to provide the Ahead of the Game program to communities in Australia. We are focused on building the mental health literacy and resilience of young people and look forward to expanding our reach into local sporting communities alongside the AFL and Movember” Todd Morgan, CEO, OTLR said.

The AOTG program will be delivered in stages to community football clubs across all states and  territories throughout the three-year partnership, with the program to begin in Victoria, NSW,  Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania in the first year.  

Community football clubs can registration their expression of interest for the first year of the AOTG  program via https://www.play.afl/aotg 

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