CEO Report – October 2023

This month saw OTLR end the winter season on a high, completing 288 sessions in sporting clubs, businesses and schools since February. This is the highest amount of sessions completed in this time period, with the months of May, June, July and August having record breaking months, seeing 51 sessions in May, 57 in June, 34 in July and 43 in August. Our facilitator and welfare champion team were amazing over this period, providing critical education and support to all OTLR communities, with high praise and feedback being received from our community leaders.

The OTLR program has been utilised in communities right across Australia, in all states, in metro, regional and rural areas to ages ranging from 13 to 97. 2023 has also seen OTLR programs be utilised for communities in New Zealand, England, Germany and Mexico, with our online sessions being incorporated into organisations that have team members internationally.

We celebrated amazing achievements in our connected communities, from community sporting teams who won premierships, communities who incorporated new teams into their clubs, as well as teams whose goal was to win 1 game, coming away with 4 wins on the year. These achievements have been incredible feats, with OTLR being privileged enough to be involved in community goal setting through our Leadership and Culture session. We have been informed that these sessions provided guidance for community groups of setting attainable goals for their 2023 season or their year. Everyone loves a grand final or a premiership, a new business deal or the A+ on their assignment, but we especially love the goals of getting that new job, winning a few games after a losing season or increasing their grade average.

OTLR has also been privileged to become a delivery partner for the Movember and AFL mental fitness program – Ahead of the Game (AOTG). The AOTG program is focused on junior AFL teams to provide junior athletes with mental fitness and resilience skills. The program which has been developed and reviewed by the University of Wollongong is an extremely interactive and impactful program that OTLR is excited to be involved in. We are the delivery partner for teams and leagues within Melbourne and Melbourne East in Victoria, as well as Ipswich, Brisbane and Redlands in QLD. We have currently completed 31 sessions with 185 sessions to be completed by OTLR throughout the remainder of 2023 and into 2024.

Schools have been able to incorporate OTLRs interactive education sessions into their curriculum and allowed their students open platforms to share their vulnerabilities. We have seen an increase in schools providing their cohort with OTLRs interactive program, allowing students to learn using all learning styles and incorporating their own skills into their wellbeing practices.

This year has also seen OTLR increase its Wellbeing Partnerships within sporting organisations. In 2022, OTLR was partnered with 4 sporting organisations, providing wellbeing resources and welfare support to their communities and athletes. In October 2023, OTLR increased its partnership base to 40 organisations, with more in discussion, who are prioritising their communities’ mental health and wellbeing. These partnerships provide organisations with the security of support when a situation arises in which OTLR can be of assistance, through our resources or partnered referral networks.

OTLR is also on the verge of releasing its OTLR Business program, which is currently being piloted in businesses from multiple industries, providing a strong wellbeing base for organisations to educate and support their team members. More information on this is to come.

Finally, OTLR is releasing its ‘Changing The Game’ merchandise range late November. This range of products includes you in the OTLR family and shows your community you are ready to change the game for mental health, by being open and prepared for vulnerable and meaningful conversations around mental health. Together we can truly change the game!

Todd Morgan


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